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Assisting with someone's legal proceedings is a big responsibility, which is why Matthew R. Schutz, Esq. goes above and beyond to provide clients with incredible representation. Our criminal defense attorney proudly represents clients in Flemington, NJ and other areas in Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris and Warren counties. You can team up with us to benefit from our extensive legal knowledge and attentive client approach.

From Umar AlFarooq,

"In 2015, I contracted through a company that withheld payments without due cause. I didn't have the money to fight the matter in court. It turned out that this same company had been running this scam with many others and was well versed in manipulating the system. I had called around and the rates for attorney services seemed like they would exceed the owed amount. Some attorneys even recommended I drop the case. Much to my relief, Matthew Schultz accepted the case for a flat fee plus commission of the case. I gladly accepted. Matthew relentlessly fought the case for 6 years leaving no stone unturned, finding hidden assets subpoena bank records and winning the case in court, following up and getting the company owner to comply with the court orders.

Matthew showed great calm and expertise while pursuing the case which helped me not get anxious. If every person whom this company scammed would fight back as hard as Matthew did, it would make it too expensive for them to scam people. I consider myself very fortunate to have met such an honest, caring and competent attorney who has helped me tremendously. "

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